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Gympie Volleyball Open Draw
Season 2, Round 5
August 18th 2022
  • Games are at GSHS
Sugar & Spike v GyNash
Duty – Denominators
Hot Diggity v M10
Duty – Stingrays
Boom v Hookers
Duty – Sprouts
Denominators v Set Up
Duty – GyNash
Ref - Brandon
DSSR v Stingrays
Duty – M10
66% Tall v Sprouts
Duty – Hookers
Ref - Josh Bray
Net Ninja’s v Volleyroos
Duty – Bent St
Shady Characters v TCB Boyz
Duty – Dunk
Ref - Josh Elson
Hit That v Notorious
Duty – Boys V2
CCC v Dig Set Dunk
Duty – Shady
Ref - Rosemary
Bent St Vets v Midgets
Duty – Volleyroos
Can’t Touch This v Boys V2
Duty – Notorious
Bye -Ball Smackers & Jaguars Leap
  • Remember Games are at GSHS
  • Those who haven't paid their full rego need to do so prior to playing their next game.


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